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Welcome Glam Fam and the folks who love them! The Glamology team is seriously stoked that you’re here. Honestly, we’re stoked that we’re here! It’s been a long, hard road to launching, but look at us, up and running and making moves. We know you can relate…

We live for this. Because as much as we love Queen Bey, we disagree with her. Girls don’t run the world; fiercely focused, fun, and fashionable women do. So it’s our goal to be on the front lines, dressing you for battle.

So what if your current skirmish is just a bottomless mimosa brunch. You have to get through that second carafe, right? There’s no reason you should be doing that in dowdy duds! Show that sparkling OJ who’s boss in our Infinite Maxi or Sunset Striped dresses.

First date? Let him know you play for keeps in our Chloe Lace Dress.

Whatever you’re up to, the point is this: we have a little something for everybody and we simply can’t wait to build our collection and your loyalty right along with it.

Listen, we know you probably already have your own sense of what makes you look and feel fabulous; and we’re uber flattered that you trust us to help you keep that fashion party going. In the Glam Zone you can look forward to us featuring our newest and most popular pieces as well as trends in the fashion market to keep you in the know about the seasons’ hottest looks.

So be sure to check back soon. In the meantime, go forth and be glamorous!